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  All the art on this website is original and designed by Barbara  Moncivais Sager.  All items can be purchased using Credit Card or Check.  No  shipping cost!

Your art  will be professionally packaged with great care and shipped in 1-2 business days (after payment has been accepted).

I love custom orders! Please feel free to contact me with your 
needs and I look forward to working with you on your one of 
a kind art.


A mandala is a geometric circular design. These visual patterns can have a powerful effect on the mind.

The mandala represents "wholeness," and helps us to reconnect to our center- our very core. They are a connection of the individual consciousness to the universal consciousness - a connection to the realization that we are "all one."

Mandala Art can be used for home or office. Mandalas are done on acrylic paper, different size canvas', wood and coasters.  Barbara uses acrylics, enamels, pen and ink, watercolos and sometimes glitter.  

Additionally, it is said that the mandala has a healing energy that it gives off.

                                                  Which mandala are you drawn to?

Fish Collage                   $25.00 each
8x10 ready for framing.  I use paper, ribbon and fabric to create these whimsical fish. 

 $15.00 each pkg.

Assortment of five  4 3/8 x 5 3/4 original designed note cards with envelopes.


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